The Shop:

Reliance Fly & Tackle is the areas oldest locally owned fly shop/country store. We are a small store located in Reliance Tn, on the Hiwassee River. If you are in the area chances are we have what you need. Flies, leaders, Tippet, Rods, spinning gear, picnic supplies, Deli, Gas, & Beer. We have several campsites and a bunkhouse for overnight lodging located on Childers Creek behind the store. On Most weekends we do offer smoked chicken and rib dinners.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


twra recorded water temp of 73 yesterday at the power house , not as bad as some feared. rumor is that the work will be completed tomorrow so normal water flow restored. also they are  talking about pulsing a generator during spillage to help temps. talking to some of the fishermen on the river, report is they are still catching trout with the browns being active. so come out and enjoy the last weeks of fishing before delayed harvest begins Oct 1

Sunday, September 14, 2014


in light of recent events on the news w'Jre have checked into the schedule. they will be spilling water from the dam 24 hours a day til next Saturday.  the water is not being spilled over the dam. the spillway opens  upwards so the water why be drafted from about 15-20 feet below surface .  they will be spilling roughly 1700 cfm down the upper . the good news is that kayaker's will have a rare opportunity to paddle a section  usually not regulated water flow. IT IS DANGEROUS UP THERE EXPERT ONLY!!!!!!!!.  the temperature of the water spilling is about the temp  of what is coming out of the generators normally. starting  at 4 p.m.  till  6 a.m. every day they will be running one generator. also in the event that temp starts climbing , a generator can be running within 15 minutes . this maintenance  is necessary as the intake pipe in the lake has became jammed with jogs one has recently slipped through and broke the flow doors a couple weeks ago  it was the Sunday the river had to turn be off.  the river will be monitored to watch temp. as of now it looks like the river will not be impacted as bad as first thought.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


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