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Reliance Fly & Tackle is the areas oldest locally owned fly shop/country store. We are a small store located in Reliance Tn, on the Hiwassee River. If you are in the area chances are we have what you need. Flies, leaders, Tippet, Rods, spinning gear, picnic supplies, Deli, Gas, & Beer. We have several campsites and a bunkhouse for overnight lodging located on Childers Creek behind the store. On Most weekends we do offer smoked chicken and rib dinners.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great News for tailwater trout....

The Tennessee Valley Authority has announced that it will help with funding for the next 3 years!

This piece is a little longer than i would like to post, but if you would like to read it please use the link below to find the news release.


Hiwassee River Hendrickson
17 inch  Hiwassee River Rainbow 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

On Fire !!!

The title says it all, the Hiwassee River is on FIRE!!!  The summer rec flow is almost here, but tithe he abundance of water in the reservoir TVA has been operating at a two turbine capacity for a while now.  The bugs are out and the fish are looking up. We have Caddis, Blue wings, & Sulphurs all hatching on the river right now.

I worked a guide trip on the river yesterday with a single angler in my boat, Bart Turner from Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Turner caught fish on nymph rigs, streamers, sulphur dry flys, & assorted other dry fly patterns throughout the day. I think there was at least 30 fish taken on dry flys alone and we probably had a fish count of somewhere around 60 for the day. With that being a conservative number.
           Bill Stranahan

Stop by the the shop and check out the board to get the hot flys that are working on the river.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

High water flows on the Hiwassee River......

     The Hiwassee Reservoir is at full pool for our summer recreational release schedule. The lake is currently at 1519.6 ft in elevation. With this level being at the top of the flood guide the Tennessee Valley Authority is operating the Appalachia powerhouse with some constant 2 turbine and 1 turbine flows. These types of water release schedules are perfect for our float trips here on the upper sections of the Hiwassee River. We have not had the reservoir reach this water level so early in several years. Anglers should be ready for some great fishing, especially if they like dry fly fishing. The Hendrickson hatch has been great this year and the sulphurs are starting to hatch now as well. This season has the potential to be one of the best in years.

     It looks like the Tennessee Valley Authority is getting ready to start spilling over Appalachia Dam. There is a predicted flow that is just over 5000 Cfs scheduled to start on may 8 th for the Hiwassee River. This is almost double the normal flow for the river, but it is still possible to catch fish at this water level. Just make sure that you are with a competent oarsman and be ready to put in a little extra work when needed. Just like our 1 generator water levels, these high water flows will separate the men from the boys. I am not sure how long this flow schedule will last, but as long as the water does not develop a bad stain it should fish like it always does. The water will be just a little higher.

Tight Lines,
     Bill Stranahan